2006_04_bunny.jpgEaster is almost here, which means that the Easter Bunny is almost here - as well as thoughts, "Hey, maybe I should get a bunny." The ASPCA strongly recommends that people buy chocolate bunnies instead of real live ones, because they don't realize what it makes to care for a rabbit and then end up leaving a bunny at a shelter (if people really think they are capable of owning a bunny, they should read this and consider adopting a rescue bunny). Gothamist wholeheartedly endorses the idea of buying chocolate bunnies - just last night, we found ourselves eating some ridiculously delicious chocolate truffle Easter bunnies from Williams-Sonoma (we got them as a gift and can't find them online, sadly) - and we will get our bunny fix by watching the Brooklyn Bunny webcam and looking at photos tagged "bunny" on Flickr. And if you don't like chocolate, there are always bunny Peeps to go along with Peeps chicks as well as a Pat the Bunny book and plush.

The most famous bunny owner we can think of is Amy Sedaris, and she adopted a rescue bunny. And did you realize her cupcake business was to make sure her bunny wouldn't be a "trust fund rabbit"?

Bobbi the bunny from rabbittobunny on Flickr