East Williamsburg music venue Mirage has reportedly been shut down over multiple safety violations: the 6,000-person capacity club was found to have shaky elevated decks and wooden platforms, as well as scaffolding used in a structure. Additionally, improperly installed piping, extensions cords used in place of wiring, no evacuation plan, missing exit signs, and multiple unsafe exits apparently gave the Department of Buildings ample grounds to close Mirage and demand it make repairs and updates.

The violations were made known to the local community board via an email obtained by DNAinfo, which also points out that Mirage was forced to close only three weeks ago when management opened the new location at 111 Gardner Street, throwing a party without a proper liquor license. Police confiscated Mirage's cache of booze, and the space has been throwing dry events since. The bust led to a backlash with the community board, whose members have framed Mirage management as liars. "[Their] construction materials are merely 'theatrical backdrops' creating an illusion sturdiness not unlike a house of cards," the board asserted in a letter.

Mirage features two large indoor dance halls and a multi-level outdoor space. The venue regularly hosts the EDM-tinged Cityfox Experience party, and in a Facebook post Friday night, Mirage cited "deep regret" as it announced the cancellation of this weekend's Cityfox show due to "sudden and unforeseen circumstances."

"We understand that this news may be profoundly disappointing, please know that we share in that sentiment on a very personal level. This is the last thing we'd ever want to announce as not only event organizers, but fans of these artists ourselves," Mirage wrote.

The venue's schedule for reopening, with or without a liquor license, remains unclear. Mirage management did not immediately reply to a request for comment. If you want a closer look at what partying at Mirage is like, check out last year's Full Moon Fest.

[h/t DNAinfo]