Photo by Evan L. (via Eddie Going)

The phone rang at 12:52 a.m. Richard had just returned home, and was not quite tired yet, still fueled by all the Singapore Slings and Red Bulls that had gotten him through the night. He answered, "Yeah, I still have the inflatable palm tree, why? To Astoria? C'mon man." He looked at something to his right, in the other room, and sighed... "No no, okay, it's blown up already anyway."

After some tricky maneuvering through the turnstile, Richard found himself on the N, sitting, pleasantly shaded from the train's fluorescent lights. It was 1:15 a.m. now, and he stared ahead, admiring how the realness of the early morning subway contrasted with the cartoonishness of the inflatable palm tree. He smiled, decided to finally quit his job delivering tropical inflatables, and stayed on the subway a little longer.