It seems every day we get an email from CMJ urging us to tell our musical readers that there is "only one day left to apply!" followed by an email two days later saying there's an extended deadline. Well, bands, apply here if you want to be a part of the festivities because apparently the clock is ticking.

The countdown prompted us to start working on our own CMJ-week event a bit early this year. So we'd like to announce that Gothamist House will be back! Since we had a great time there last year it will be at White Rabbit on East Houston Street again from October 17th to 20th (running from 2pm to around 8:30pm). Last year we had some great bands play, including Loney, Dear, Apples in Stereo, Charles Bissell of the Wrens, Bound Stems, Land of Talk, Pela and a whole lot more.

Why are we telling you this now...months before we open the doors? Because we need sponsors and bands (mostly sponsors)! If you're interested in supplying either, please email us at GothamistHouse (a) gmail dot com. (This is not an official CMJ event so you do not need to register to be considered for this show).