2007_08_arts_earlimart.jpgThe Californians in Earlimart have apparently taken the West-Coast indie sound out of their West-Coast indie rock. Tonight you can catch them on this coast, where they'll be doing a show at Joe's Pub in support of their latest release Mentor Tormentor. Do you want to go? Email us at GothamistContest(a)gmail dot com and let us know -- the winner (who we'll choose by noon) will get two tickets. For now, get to know the leader of the band, Aaron Espinoza.

What can fans expect from the new album?
On this new record, you'll hear what happens to Earlimart when they are given a lot of time to make a record after having listened to the Carpenters and Depeche Mode for a spell. Also they can expect to hear what happens when "the girl" pipes up.

Earlier this year you played at the Getty with an orchestra, how was that? Can we expect more shows like this in the future?
It was 4 string players. I think you will see more of us with the string Dream Team. We love them, and now we're getting spoiled, being able to play our stuff live the way we always had hoped it could sound.

Is there anything special in store for the Joe's Pub show?
Well, the String Dream Team will be there with us, in reference to the last question.

What's the biggest difference you've noticed between the New York music scene and LA music scene?
I don't know much about the scenes, especially in New York. I know they exist, and I've heard that we're a part of the LA one, but when you're living day to day in a place making music, it's not like some obvious thing that you're aware of. I think when you get right down it, scenes usually start with a group of incestuous musicians and clubs and journalists who all know each other and go to see and play shows together. Is that what it's like in New York? Cause that's kinda what it's like in LA.

What New York bands are you listening to right now?
Walkmen, Chairlift, Magnetic Fields

What's your current soundtrack?
"A Little Touch of Schmillson In The Night"

Please share your strangest "only in New York" story.
After a sellout show at the Bowery Ballroom... we went out to ......ummmm .....celebrate. found ourselves down in the basement of some un-nameable after hours bar ...... enjoying the decor. People are so friendly.... at around 8am i (aaron) found myself behind the bar taking over bartending duty for the exhausted staff .... serving drinks to the likes of el-p and matt sweeny ..... throwing dice and swapping "old tour stories" till noon .......3 days later.

Which New Yorker do you most admire?
Billy Joel

Yankees or Mets?

Best venue in NY to see/play music.
"The Frying Pan"