2005_11_artskennedys.jpgGothamist’s family has never been the type to take to the yard after our Thanksgiving meal for a rousing game of touch football. That’s so Kennedy’s in Hyannisport, and so the opposite of everything our sedentary upbringing represents. Our family is less competitive, opting to sit quietly before getting what we lovingly refer to as our “second wind” where we continue our Pilgrim and Indian inspired binging. This week we’d like to suggest some shows that will remind you of all the competition, drama and dysfunction Thanksgiving can inspire, hopefully with less bloated regret.

Wednesday night, spend Thanksgiving eve getting wasted and watching people get upset at HARSH [Juvie Hall, 24 Bond St.] The cast of this improvised show claim that comedy is for jerks and sissies. They use that general tenet as the basis for their show – rather than improvising comedy, they improvise tragedy. Add them to myopenbar.com’s places to go because they will be serving free Maker’s Mark as an accompaniment. 10pm, $5

Julia Sweeney spent four years at SNL, was a consultant on Sex and the City and has written several autobiographical one woman shows. Her latest is entitled Letting Go of God, and chronicles her transformation from Catholicism to Atheism. Sweeney performed portions of the show for This American Life and host Ira Glass notes that it was the single most popular show the series has broadcast. The show has two performances left, this Friday and Saturday at Ars Nova. 8pm, $20

In keeping with the holiday spirit of Too Much Information, the PIT [154 W. 29th St] presents A Book of Over-Dramatic Confessions, a show that we hope will be as revealing and well, over-dramatic, as it’s title suggests and includes the drawings, stories and stand-up of Elna Baker. Friday at 7pm, $5.

And finally this weekend, at the UCB, the 5th Annual 3 on 3 Tournament comes to a dramatic end. For the month of November, twenty one teams of 3 improvisers have taken each other on in weekly quarterfinals at the theater. This Saturday, the semi’s and finals will be held starting at 8pm to see who will reign as this year’s improvisational triumvirate. And really, nothing reminds us of family more than watching the unemployed actors argue with each other.