Another one to file under: "Just in time for Halloween." The Chelsea Hotel bloggers received a desperate cry for answers after a tourist spent three nights at the hotel, only to be menaced on her final evening by the ghost of Dylan Thomas! She was with her boyfriend, but he slept soundly through the sighting. She reports back from Room 114:

I am not a complete believer in ghosts... the entire night was too vivid and the details too accurate and fresh in my mind for me to 100% believe that it was a dream.

That night, we ended up going to bed around 1:30 am. My boyfriend fell asleep immediately. It was not the same for me. I had a strange feeling, not a good feeling at all. Nothing had happened, but this overwhelming feeling crept over me, and I felt my heart beating nearly out of my chest. I began sweating profusely. I suddely heard a door slam extremely loudly and a man yelling with the sound of frantic footsteps running down the hallway. I froze. The running continued for another three minutes or so and then was gone. I then heard the sound of footsteps creeping in the room behind me. This continued the entire night.

Somewhere during the course of two hours, I suddenly looked up and right in front of the bedroom mirror, I saw a head in mid-air. The head seemed to grimace at me, and I will never forget the eyes staring me down, almost bug-eyed. The face seemed to be wearing some kind of theatre make-up, bright red lips drawn on very carefully, white face paint, and ear-length tightly coiled black hair. I have an idea of who this man was after looking at images of the famous that lived there and departed to the afterlife. The picture I observed made my stomach was the same face, that same grimace, and those same sad and large eyes. It looked like Dylan Thomas' face.

Perhaps this is proof that there is whiskey in the afterlife. But the story is sort of chills-inducing, no? Thomas was living in Room 206 of the hotel at the time of his death.