0808dylanbob.jpgBob Dylan will be playing to a sold out crowd at Prospect Park tonight, and while some ticket gouging is going on at various online outlets, you can probably hear the mumbling of the folk legend outside the perimeter of the venue for free. Will Dylan be returning to one of his old stomping grounds? There seems to be some uncertainty about him living in Brooklyn Heights. While he alluded to spending time there (allegedly at "Capulet's, the late-lamented Brooklyn Heights cafe") and even mentioned living there in his song Tangled Up in Blue ("I lived with them on Montague Street/In a basement down the stairs/There was music in the cafes at night/And revolution in the air"), he could have very well just been crashing at a friend's pad. Although, he is listed as a notable resident on the ever-so-reliable Wikipedia. Former resident or not, this is his first concert in New York City in two years.