The Guardian is reporting that Cate Blanchett is one of the actors playing the role of Bob Dylan in Todd Haynes's biopic.

This wouldn't, of course, be the first time that a woman has played a man, or vice versa. The Australian actress and the Duluth musician don't have that much physically in common, but that's no matter. There will also be a lot of other actors playing Dylan.

The film, I'm Not There, is set to star seven actors, all of whom embody a different aspect of the singer-songwriter's life and work. Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Richard Gere, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Julianne Moore are the others who have been linked to the film. In addition Haynes is looking for, "a young black woman that will accentuate Dylan's "inner-blackness." Colin Farrell was set to star as well, but was dropped earlier this month, phew.