dwellpic.jpgWhen Gothamist decided to air its dirty laundry last month, we had no idea what we were starting. Who knew so many people were having the same discoloration issues with their dwell bedding! After running the post, we were quickly contacted by the people at dwell (as you can see from the comments section). They agreed to replace our bedding and asked that we simply use a mild detergent and stay away from anything with "stripping qualities". Unfortunately, dwell no longer carries the vivid leaf green we so adored. In fact, they've discontinued all their super bright colors. In its place, we received a lovely pale blue (pretty, just not quite as striking as the leaf). After a month of wear and washing they have remained in excellent shape and completely colorfast. The only difference in our care of the sheets was that we switched from washing them in Cheer or Tide to Ivory Snow detergent (which we use for all of Gothamist Baby's clothes).

Gothamist can't help but wonder if the bright colored bedding was discontinued because of the discoloration issues that seemed widespread (among our audience at least). Dwell says the green, orange and red were discontinued because of a "directional design change towards modern classic, away from ultra-pop". Either way, Gothamist is giving its thumbs up to the current dwell line. You're a bit too late for the spring warehouse sale, but another one is just around the corner in October. And if you already bought your dwell, you can feel confident they'll retain their color...with proper care, of course.