IMG_0067.jpgGothamist wants to be excited for the dwell bedding sale, running from May 1-22. The geometric patterns in bright colors, the great sale prices, but what about the it worth it? The bedding from last year's sale quickly developed pinkish bleach-like areas of discoloration. At first we blamed ourselves. Did we sort negligently? Then we blamed the washing machine. Did it retain some bleach from a previous wash and infect our lovely chartreuse bedding?

After a recent conversation with a friend, however, we realized the linens themselves may be at fault. Gothamist mentioned the dwell sale and our desire to replace some discolored sheets and shams. This friend of ours (with whom we attended the sale last time) had the same problem! Gothamist lacks any hard proof that the bedding is less than colorfast, but the coincidence is pretty incriminating.

Have you had better luck with your dwell? Dare we try again or maybe spring for the new 320 thread count dwelledition bedding?