2007_04_taxes.jpgMarc Anthony may have gotten a deal from the Manhattan District Attorney's office to pay $2.5 million in back taxes, interest and penalties for - ahem - not filing tax returns for five years but can he still be found guilty of being really stupid?

The Manhattan DA's office said they couldn't prove Anthony "knowingly did not file" because the problems started when Anthony changed managers and accountants in 2000. DA Robert Morgenthau excused Anthony's ignorance by saying, "His specialty was singing, not signing tax returns." As it happens, Anthony's brother Bigram Zayese was his new manager, and Zayes and the accountant also did not pay their taxes, so they both pleaded to guilty to tax felonies. We wonder if J. Lo's management found out something was wrong when they tried to file together - maybe this is why there are rumors that J.Lo and Anthony's marriage is on the rocks!

The Manhattan DA's office handled the case because Anthony's companies are based here. And of the $2.5 million Anthony has to pay, $1 million of that is the interest and penalties.