What do we owe each other? It's the question at the heart of every subway etiquette post Gothamist covers in our never-ending quest to make this city a little less jerky. Well, that and: what ridiculous lengths will some men go to justify spreading their legs and stretching out their bodies like cavemen who just discovered yoga? And sometimes, when we're really lucky, both questions apply, as is the case with the fellow seen here all stretched out like he's pretending to read The Inferno in a private cabana at Lindsay Lohan's Greek beach club.

Manspreading isn't a sufficient word to describe what we're witnessing here. We need a new word, like Seriouslybroing? or Cmonmanstretching. Whatever you call it, our super-chillaxed literary bro was spotted aboard a Brooklyn-bound L train on Tuesday evening during the rush hour commute. "I did notice a young woman lean over and say something to him but he didn't move," the tipster who took the photo said. "I did not see what he was reading. And he did not appear to be in any discomfort. Other passengers seemed bemused more than anything."

So that brings us to the most vexing, unknowable question: why did he turn a subway seat into his own personal fainting couch? Why did he do it? Did he give up on the L train because the L train is giving up on him? Is he dizzy from reading Donald Trump Jr.'s whiplash-inducing Twitter feed? Did he need to collect himself after he saw that Jared Leto is getting a second comic book movie franchise (playing an undead vampire)? Was he flustered trying to calculate whether he has "big dick energy"? Is his spirit broken from being inundated daily with the inhumane treatment of immigrants, senseless murders, Supreme Court anxiety, political cowardice, the narcissistic ravings of our inarticulate & incompetent president, and the mainstreaming of neo-Nazi, White Supremacist and blatantly racist rhetoric? Is it because parts of Puerto Rico still have no power?

Or is he just an asshole?

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