The BBC reports a Chinese business man wants to use our president's name for a line of diapers, explaining, "Back in my hometown in Henan Province, the pronunciation of 'Bushi' sounds exactly like 'not wet'." While it's unlikely his request will be approved, Gothamist is sure there are many people who'd like diapers with Bush's face on it, for their babies to crap on. It also got Gothamist thinking about other products branded with the President and others' names. For instance, a George W. Bush sleeping pill, considering he was sleeping during the Super Bowl (he told reporters, "Saw the first half, did not see the half time — I was preparing for the day and fell asleep."). Or what about a the completely unoriginal idea of Dick Cheney pacemaker or Dick Cheney Endorsed Marionette Strings? Karl Rove Spy Kit? [Via reader Astrid]

Or we should just brand things for George and friends, as low culture suggests.