While accepting the best supporting actor prize from the New York Film Critics Circle on Monday night for his riveting performance in Milk, Josh Brolin lashed out at the Times's chief theater critic Ben Brantley, who negatively reviewed Brolin in True West on Broadway. Sure, that was over eight years ago, but Jo Bro does not forget a slight: "As much as actors like to say they don't read reviews, I do. Ben Brantley—honestly I hate that motherfucker! And I don't think he's a good writer." (We do.) Then Brolin turned to his Milk co-star: "Quite an actor Sean Penn...Amazing. Not an asshole like Russell Crowe."

It gets better: At the after-party, Brolin told Daily Intel, "I was onstage and I had somebody take a picture of me with my pants down and my ass out for Ben Brantley"—which might actually be more of a reward than insult to Big Ben. (Brolin also admitted that Penn "just makes [him] want to be gay." Just saying.) In other Brawling Brolin news, cell phone video surfaced yesterday depicting his arrest with W. co-star Jeffrey Wright—who's seen being repeatedly Tasered by cops while handcuffed—after an altercation with rednecks at a Louisiana bar last year. And his teary appearance on Inside the Actors Studio is online too, so consider yourself fully Brolinformed.