2005_07_artsdvs.jpgWe here in this particular little sub-branch of Gothamist have been merrily on vacation for most of the past month. While we started out with long lists of things to do and ambitious pipe-dreams of productivity, we're sad to say that by this point everything has pretty much devolved into such stimulating activities as rolling over, staring at that weird place on the wall, and participating in the "Case-a-Day" beer challenge.

Needless to say we're thrilled to hear about anything that might be able to lure us away from the apartment without over-straining our heat-addled and atrophied little minds. So, we'd like to thank our friends at flavorpill for pointing what might just be the perfect summer opening, Drunk vs Stoned 2 at Gavin Brown's Enterprise.

As one can probably easily infer from the name, this show is meant to examine the past relationship between these two altered states and the artistic process, while also exploring what role they may have in the art of the present. As part of this, the show will include existing works by Thomas Bayrle, Pedro Bell, Chris Burden, Anne Collier, Bruce Conner, Martin Creed, Robert Crumb, Jeremy Deller, Mike Kelley, Martin Kippenberger, Yayoi Kusama, Adam McEwen, Henri Michaux, Richard Prince, Pruitt & Early, Charles Ray, Jim Shaw, Steven Shearer, as well as new works by Edgar Bryan, Dearraindrop, Jason Fox, Rachel Harrison, Mary Heilmann, Evan Holloway, Chris Johanson, Nick Lowe, Sarah Lucas, Abel McHone, Paul Noble, Elizabeth Peyton, Monique Prieto, Rebecca Warren, Franz West.

Meanwhile, following the latest trend of captive artists, brothers Scott and Tyson Reeder (who also helped to curate the show) will be installed in a month long residency in the gallery's upstairs space. During this time they will create a number of different works, which will be unveiled on September 9th. Works by Mike Kelley will also be on display next door at art world bar Passerby.

Besides a bunch of people probably falling into at least one of the Drunk/Stoned categories, tonight's opening party, from 6 - 8, will also feature booze flowing from an annexed saloon and a jug band. There will also be a number of other events through out the course of the show, including roof top screenings of The Rebel and videos by Kenneth Anger on August 24, a stoned drawing party on August 27, a 24-hour super jam on September 3, and “Drugs” a film program curated by Carsten Holler. There will also be closing night festivities on September 7th.