2006_10_arts_charlieBowie.jpgEarlier today we had our Band of the Week feature posted. Meanwhile Spin.com posted their artist of the day feature. And who was it? Driveshaft, of course. With Lost coming back on the air tonight, it was only fitting. From their post:

By the fall of 2004, a DriveShaft reunion was in the works when tragedy struck. After visiting his brother Liam in Australia to discuss the band's reunion, Charlie Pace boarded the now-infamous Oceanic Flight 815 bound for Los Angeles that mysteriously went missing in the South Pacific. All 300-plus passengers and crew aboard were lost. However, the renewed attention on the band in the wake of Charlie's death has brought about a renaissance for DriveShaft, with their debut re-charting on both sides of the pond and critics rediscovering Oil Change as a lost classic, a la Weezer's Pinkerton.

They've also got a song there to download, and you can always listen on Driveshaft's MySpace page and website as well. Maybe we should get them for a Movable Hype show.

Photo of Charlie with David Bowie(!)