200709drivein.jpgBrooklyn got a new bowling alley, and now Manhattan has a drive-in movie theater. Well, sort of. At first glance of the theater's description you realize it isn't a classic drive-in, unfortunately. It isn't outside, to begin with, and the price is more than your annual Netflix fee.

What do you get for your $75? Well, a 1965 Ford Falcon convertible, to begin with. Not too shabby! The car seats six, and there's only one -- so you have to book ahead of time. Assuming that price tag is for the entire car, and you have 6 people to fill it up, it really isn't so bad. The feeling of being outdoors is simulated by crafty decor that puts the starry sky right above your head. There's even a concession stand -- though probably not a refreshment intermission clip.

The series starts with films from the 1960 and progresses chronologically each night -- you'll be able to catch Psycho, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Graduate, Cool Hand Luke, Midnight Cowboy and many more. More info on the space here.