Creative Brooklynites: it's time to temporarily retire in Queens! 3rd Ward has built what they're calling their own version of Boca Raton in Long Island City, dubbed The Palms... but it sounds a little young to us. They say their month long project is "one part open-air dance party, one part ode to the Boca Raton pools of a bygone era." Sadly, no shuffleboard... but there will be lounge chairs, lobster rolls, music, and the three Ds: drinks, dumpster pools, and a dance floor.

Every weekend from August 12th through Labor Day, The Palms—housed in a 15,000 square foot outdoor area—will be open for business, along with some of New York City's best food trucks (Luke's Lobster and Mexicue, to name a few).

Between this and the Lower East Side's Backyard Timeshare, we're one non-traditional outdoor spot away from a New York Times trend piece on young people enjoying a nice urban oasis, when they're not canning or whatever.