As the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks approaches, we're encouraged to reflect upon how the country and indeed the entire world changed after the events of that horrific day. Oh, and buy stuff. Spending money is important otherwise the terrorists will win. Coins, wine, cartoons, whatever. But if you make only one jingoistic 9/11 purchase this year, log on to Etsy and make it the Superman On September 11th Stainless Steel Flask.

Dazzle your friends and neighbors with its callous juxtaposition of a national tragedy with a billion-dollar comic franchise! Wow your accountant with its low price of $24.00 and the assurance that it will pay for itself in unnecessary bar tabs! Don't let those snide bastards at your next AA meeting judge you for steadying your nerves: you're honoring the fallen! Plus, it makes a perfect companion piece to this lovely 9/11 potholder. Remember that fateful day AND keep the pan of macaroni and cheese from burning your counter.