W Magazine strays from its normal high fashion looks and points the camera at hip(ster) couture, namely the Depression Era threads being paraded all around town. The mag notes, "at least young New Yorkers are going down in (historically appropriate) style. In Williamsburg and the Lower East Side, the resurgence of feathers, vests and newsboy caps are a fashionable response to the plummeting Dow." But these old-timey signifiers have been around for well over a year now—does this mean the hipsters knew just how bad this recession thing would get and were subliminally warning us through their curly mustaches and buttoned vests? Somebody check how many hipsters cashed in their stock options before Bear Stearns! And while admiring their vaguely Depression Era-ensembles, keep in mind that the bars you see these kids in are pouring $10 to $15 cocktails. The real folks feeling this recession are probably just huffing, with the kind of facial hair that comes from having sold all their razors as scrap.