We do not condone dying your dog's hair... but Lobster Dog is still so cute! (Photo via vivnsect's flickr)

Each year Halloween brings with it two highlights: 1) The morning-after costumed walks of shame, and 2) PUPPIES WEARING CLOTHES. Let's focus on the latter. Fort Greene and the East Village are home to the two biggest annual dog costuming events, but this year there's a new contender in McCarren Park—here's all you need to know about the events:

The 22nd Annual Tompkins Square Dog Halloween Parade is happening this Saturday, the 20th, at noon. "The first dogs to arrive in costume will compete in Round 1. A winner and numerous runner ups will be awarded prizes at the end of that round." There are two more rounds after that, and eventually a "Best in Show" is chosen (the owner of this year's will win a Continuum Cycle commuter bike). Admission is a suggested $5 to enter (which also gets you a raffle ticket).

The 14th Annual Great Pupkin Dog Costume Contest is going down in Fort Greene Park on October 27th, with registration at 11 a.m. and judging of dog costumes starting at noon. Prizes, supplied by local vendors, will be doled out by a three-person judging panel. Admission at this one is also a suggested $5.

THE 1ST EVER DOG-E-DOG HOWL-O-WEEN DOG COSTUME PARTY & CONTEST will take place in McCarren Park's dog run on October 27th, from noon to 3 p.m. The main event is the costume contest, "led by MC DOG-E-DOG (backed by a DJ) and judged by local dog fanatics, including Peter Silberman of The Antlers. There will also be a tricks-n-treats competition, photo portraits for humans and their pups, raffled off prizes, and more. Even if you don't own a dog, be sure to bring a dog toy or blanket to help fill the donation box to benefit BARC shelter. The event is free, but there are raffle tickets starting at $2.

And by no means is Halloween the only time to dress up your pet: there are cat fashions shows and dog fashion shows year-round...sometimes even ones with disturbing themes.