Move over Six Flags, stand aside Coney Island? The tristate area is getting a new amusement park—and this one'll probably have air conditioning. According to the New York Times, Dreamworks Animation has agreed to open an indoor theme park in the troubled, much-delayed Meadowlands mega-mall once known as Xanadu and now re-conceived as "American Dream" (of course!). Finally, a chance to see Shrek in person after he struck out on Broadway?

Dreamworks has tried to capitalize on its characters in a theme park before, but for various reasons hasn't been able to finish the deals. Maybe this time they'll be lucky. The latest attempt is planned to "include rides, attractions and a glass-enclosed wave pool incorporating characters from the studio’s movies." According to CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, the park will involve "characters, storytelling and technology in a unique and innovative family entertainment experience."

The park will go in the planned five-story, $1.9 billion mall not far from MetLife Stadium, which has had more than its share of headaches as it tries to rise up from the wetlands. The latest headache being a lawsuit by the Giants and Jets regarding how they think the mall will seriously hurt traffic on game days—a suit which the mall is trying to have tossed out.

Eh, we'll stick with Coney Island and its broken boardwalk. But we know a lot of Kung Fu Panda obsessed kids who will feel otherwise.