0805lolaskate.jpgOn March 22nd Lola Staar opened up her Dreamland Roller Rink inside the historic Childs Building on the Coney Island Boardwalk. The temporary rink was paid for by Glamour and Tommy Hilfiger, who sponsored a contest Staar won.

At the time, Staar (real name Diana Carlin) hoped to move the rink into the former Washington Bath House after her time ended at Childs, but without sponsors helping out monetarily she's on her own to reopen the rink.

Lola has been working night and day to reopen the Dreamland Roller Rink. She has overcome many obstacles in the labyrinth of obtaining permits and insurance for the rink. These obstacles have added exorbitant costs to the reopening of Dreamland! Costs that we simply cannot cover with the budget in our business plan. After some generous donations we are very close to being able to reopen.... but we aren't quite there yet! Hence, we need your help to reopen the fabulous Dreamland Roller Rink.

If you'd like to see this great addition stay on Coney Island, toss some change in the donation hat. Chipping in will even reap you some rewards, from getting your name glittered on a rollerskate plaque to a season pass to the rink.

Photo by Adrian Kinloch.