Last year, we wrote about Henry the tortoise, a 17-year-old African tortoise who was in desperate need of a walker to take him around Central Park in his stroller while his mom was busy making enough money to give him all the leafy greens his tiny turtle heart could desire. Thanks to our post, his owner Amanda found a walker—but that person is moving away, so now is your chance to get in on the ground floor of this tortoise walking experience.

Henry and Amanda live in the Harlem/Morningside Heights area just above the park, and are looking for someone who can walk him on weekdays while she's at work in the summer: "I'm in search of a responsible animal lover to take Henry to Central Park on warm weekdays. I live a few short blocks from Central Park and have a pet stroller to get him to and from. Once he's there, Henry can roam freely under your watchful eye. No tortoise experience necessary, but you must be an animal person and also good with people. (Trust me — they'll want to talk to you!) If you're sociable and like to hang out in Central Park, this is an easy gig."

It's an easy gig that pays $11 an hour, and it's a great distraction from the turtle-itarian regime we live under (assuming your outlook on life isn't too beak). Amanda got Henry (who you can follow on Instagram) three years ago; he had gotten all of his exercise walking around his former owner's apartment before she started taking him to the park. Now she's hoping she can once again find someone who is "as friendly and chill as him."

She told us: "After Gothamist covered my [Craigslist] post last year, all these other sites covered it and we got hundreds and hundreds of applicants. The person I ultimately hired, Amalia McCallister, saw your post and reached out. Henry and I have loved working with her and will miss her so much when she moves back to Chicago in June." There is also the possibility of other Henry-related gigs arising: "Last year, Amalia and Henry were on a German TV show together and he's been asked to be the ring bearer at a wedding in the fall. I'd also love someone who can help watch Henry if I go out of town. The tortoise walker role is a big part of the enTORTage."

Although he doesn't show affection like a dog (or recognize his own name, he IS a turtle after all, what do you expect here), he is very curious about people: "He gets into everything. He always comes to the door when anyone comes over and follows anyone repairing anything (Time Warner guys, my super, etc.) He loves baths and getting his head and chin rubbed. He also scratches at the refrigerator for food and snuggles for warmth in the winter."

His fame hasn't gone to his head yet: "No one knows my name, but everyone knows Henry!" she said. "Henry has a new whip (pet stroller), because he's chewed through two since going viral. (I blame the teenage years.) He's also really into squash and attacking plastic water bottles now."

He's lower maintenance than a dog or cat, he's Instagram-famous, he likes long walks in the park, and he can do so many other things, like: herd hot dog vendors.

He can cosplay as a bunny.

He can play in the same general vicinity as other animals.

He is involved in an Eyes Wide Shut fan club.

And he can bring grown men to their knees.

If you're interested in the gig, respond to the Craigslist ad here. And you better do so quick, or else Henry might figure out he can push the stroller himself: