Well, it seems that if you've gotta trust one gossip source, trust TMZ over the Post. Yesterday, the Post claimed that singer Drake would be arrested for his role in a fight with fellow singer Chris Brown at Soho club WiP. But TMZ disputed that and it turns out they were right: Now the Post says that Drake will turn himself in and get a "slap on the wrist"—probably a desk appearance ticket for reckless endangerment.

The Daily News added, "'You don’t make an appointment to get arrested,' the police source told the Daily News. 'If we were going to arrest him, we’d go out and get him.'"

At least five people were injured in the Thursday morning melee at WiP, which was apparently started when Brown ordered a bottle to be sent to Drake's table. Then Drake allegedly sent Brown a note saying something along the lines of "I'm f---ing the love of your life," referring to Rihanna. One witness—who was with Brown—claims that Drake and his group went over to Brown, "They were giving him [Brown] the middle finger. They got into each other’s faces and were shouting at each other. Chris told Drake to f--k off, and the next thing I could hear is the sound smashed glass and mayhem started." A model who had been with Brown told the Post that it's all Drake's fault, "I think Drake’s entourage are cowards for throwing bottles at girls. I’ve lost all respect for Drake. Chris Brown acted like a gentleman to all the girls there. Chris tried to protect me and my friend."

Last night, at his concert at Jones Beach, Drake said, "When I woke up this morning, I had to think about a lot of things. But the only thing I gave a f--- about was that I was in New York City tonight." Aubrey, go back to Degrassi and take remedial geography!

In the meantime, WiP is getting the NYPD treatment: Its manager was arrested (for unrelated noise violations, but many expect he was questioned about the fight) and cops shut it down yesterday. The Post has a hilarious photograph of sad clubgoers plus some golden quotes: One tourist said she and friends were here to celebrate a birthday,“This is crap. It ruined her birthday, we’re pretty angry," while another out-of-towner said, "We heard it was a really cool club and thought to come by. We’re all dressed up nice for this place and now we have to go to a regular bar." Uhh, talk to this tourist about going to WiP.