A press release that begins, "Oh the places they'll go, the clothing they'll remove!" isn't easily ignored nor forgotten. And lucky you, because otherwise we might have missed this opportunity to report that a burlesque show "with a very adult approach" to the children’s book writer Dr. Seuss premieres Thursday night at Galapagos! Storybook Burlesque, the same troupe that brought you burlesque renditions of the Bible, promises: "From a sexy Sam I Am through a lascivious Lorax, no story or character will be quite the same."

New York "personality" Schaffer the Darklord will host the show in rhyme as Dr. Seuss himself, and burlesque "superstar" Nasty Canasta (Facebook) will be on hand to jiggle her green eggs and ham. Storybook’s last show at Galapagos Art Space sold out, so be sure to buy your tickets in advance so you don't miss out on a different kind of Cat in a Hat, and a Horndog Hearing a Hoo-hah, and... and is there a Wocket in Your Pocket or are you just happy to see half-naked people turn beloved children's books into the stuff of psycho-sexual nightmares?