Pillow TalkDaily News speaks with Peyton Reed, director of the upcoming Down With Love, a throwback to the "sex" comedies of the late 50s and early 60s, like Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back, and That Touch of Mink.

Ewan MacGregor can be charming in his sleep and we certainly rather see more of him than less, but he's not so much the manly man Gothamist imagines from those comedies...Hugh Jackman, the best thing about the anemic Someone Like You, exudes more alpha male quality. The question is whether Renee Zellweger can reach the frothy affability of Doris Day. Her work in Bridget Jones' Diary and especially Nurse Betty say yes. But, after seeing Down With Love trailers, Gothamist was a little horrified by the pounds of make-up they have Renee wearing.

Down With Love premiered at the TriBeCa Film Festival. Next up for Reed, who also directed one of the best movies ever, Bring It On? The Fantastic Four.

Buy Pillow Talk on DVD. Pillow Talk is one of Gothamist's favorite movies - you can't beat Rock Hudson pretending to be gay while really a swinging playboy in New york. Plus there's Thelma Ritter as Doris Day's drunk housekeeper (basically playing the Thelma Ritter patented role of straight-talking salt-of-the-earth sidekick - see Rear Window) and Tony Randall as Doris' would-be suitor. Read more about Pillow Talk and its sexual nuances in Bright Lights Film Journal.