When Dov Charney was recently ousted as CEO of American Apparel, the company that he founded released a statement saying it was due to an "ongoing investigation into alleged misconduct." They also stated in his termination letter, obtained by BuzzFeed, that he was not to visit company facilities, "including but not limited to its manufacturing facilities, headquarters, distribution center, apartments and stores." That is, unless he got "advance written permission" from the board of directors. Earlier this week Charney may have violated these terms when he entered the American Apparel on Houston Street—a visit that was caught by Jen Snow and posted to Instagram:

Snow wrote, "Dov Charney is in the American Apparel store on East Houston Street. I asked the employees at the counter if it was him, and one nodded 'yes' tentatively, and the other asked me, 'And how was your day at work?' with an intonation of palpable discomfort."

So far Charney and everyone at American Apparel are tight-lipped about the store visit. But really, even without a permission slip, this is probably the least of his problems. Where else is he supposed to shop, Urban Outfitters?