American Apparel has teamed up with Electric Youth Magateen, which celebrates "the magnificent vitality, energy and power of young male adulthood." The product of their collaboration: a t-shirt that reads "Teenagers Do It Better," which comes with this souvenir JPEG of a scantily clad teen in undies and a cut-off version of the conversation tee. (Just in time for mandatory sex ed classes in NYC!) HuffPo calls this Dov Charney's "first foray into sartorial pedophilia, creating a shirt that glorifies teens engaging in sex."

You can get the shirt by ordering the mag's 124-page Spring/Summer issue, which features "sexy pics of boys ages 16 to 21" and 18 "sexy stickers"! You can also buy it online at American Apparel's store for $24, but you might look a little bit more than creepy walking around in it if you aren't in high school.