The thrilling athleticism and beauty of Double Dutch has the spotlight at Lincoln Center on Saturday and Sunday, with two days of free demonstrations, an exhibition, panel discussions, and, yes, the Double Dutch Summer Classic National Competition.

The event, part of Lincoln Center Out of Doors, is back after a "30-plus year hiatus," according to organizers, who say, "Join us for a historic two-day event celebrating Double Dutch and the women of color who’ve contributed to the cultural fabric of NYC through this competitive sport turned art form." There's even a free screening of the 1981 film, Pick Up Your Feet:

The NY Times spoke to Lincoln Center's director of public programming, Jill Sternheimer, who said that she saw Pick Up Your Feet on Facebook. She was stunned that it was set at Lincoln Center and was inspired to bring back the sport to the cultural institution "It blew my mind. I realized that I had to go back and find this history. It’s a story that I wanted to make sure was told from the viewpoint of an African-American woman."

...Ms. Sternheimer reached out to Kaisha S. Johnson, a founder of Women of Color in the Arts, who has produced events at Lincoln Center for the past 11 years. What moved Ms. Johnson about the video went beyond jumping.

“I saw all of the black and brown faces on the plaza of Lincoln Center,” she said. “In my lifetime, I haven’t seen that happen ever again. I thought, we have to revitalize this competition, but it has to be more than just a competition.”

The Double Dutch Summer Classic National Competition is on Sunday, at 12 p.m., and, according to the NY Times, "There are three components of the Summer Classic competition: speed, a two-minute drill in which every left step is counted; compulsory, or specific steps that a jumper must execute, like two turns to the left followed by two turns to the right; and freestyle, a showcase of artistry and acrobatic ingenuity."