This Wednesday Dorkbot wants you to come celebrate Isaac Newton's birthday, by watching what strange things people can do with electricity!

The science nerd (we use that term lovingly) roster makes us feel like giant underachievers. Want to feel like one too? Here's who you'll see at the Dorkbot in NYC:

Mikey Sklar, explaining the process he used to install a $2 RFID tag in his left hand. Luckily, his talk will cover why he choose to do this.

Alyce Santoro will discuss the evolution of "sonic fabric," an audible textile woven from recycled, recorded audiocassette tape

Luke DuBois presents the most awesome thing we've heard of, ever. In his words, "I've been working for the past year or so on a technique called 'time-lapse phonography', which uses a time compression algorithm on sound to allow a large-scale piece of music to be compressed to just a few seconds duration. This allows us to experience literally hundreds of songs in a few minutes, giving us a sort of gestalt aural experience of music history."

Time-lapse phonography. Yeah. We just learned how to turn the light off on our iPod. Anyway, the Dorkbots ask that you bring refreshments to share, just like when you were in the Girl Scouts.

Wednesday // 7pm // Location One [26 Greene Street, Manhattan] // Free