2007_02_arts_Bagels2.jpgRemember doodling in your notebook while your teacher droned on and on and on and on like Ben Stein? Well, pull that Bic from behind your ear and start scribbling. The drawings from These Bagels Are Gnarly: Ballpoint Pen Group Drawing Show are on sale for up to $1200 at Cinders Gallery (103 Havemeyer; Brooklyn). Unlike in a high-school cafeteria, everyone finds acceptance at Cinders. Simple rows of crosshatches like the kind kept to pass time in prison are on the same wall as meticulously detailed portraits of animals; amateurish cartoons face social commentary.

Curated by Rich Jacobs, These Bagels Are Gnarly features the work of artists from around the world. Among the highlights are Steph Davidson’s intricate knot of antlers, Daniel Davidson’s peace sign (already sold for $600), and Rob Leecock’s rooster. For a complete list of the contributors and to view select works, go to the Cinders website.

Seeing the works in person, though, makes them feel authentically adolescent. Tacked up with pushpins, the works aren’t seemingly assembled in any order; rather they’re jammed right on top of each other, no gaps between the pages, to fill the small gallery. The art does feels a little more intentional though since it’s on unlined 8.5 x 11” paper instead of ripped out of a spiral notebook of a daydreamer.

If you do head there, be sure to check out the gallery store, which has DIY, one-of-a-kind items (zines, pins, coasters). Their selection of music playing doesn't hurt the already great atmosphere either. Of course, that’s not surprising since one of the artists involved in Cinders is Kim Schifino of Brooklyn band Matt & Kim.

If you like the concept behind These Bagels Are Gnarly, check out Biro-Art for more ballpoint-pen art.