2006_06_doghair.jpgThis has not been a good week for Shi Tzus. On Wednesday, one was mauled by a Rottweiler in a Queens park, and now, it turns out a Brooklyn dog groomer "fried" a Shih Tzu to death under a doggie hair dryer. The Post reports that 8 year old Zoe De Toro and her mom Tina dropped off their dog Phoebe at the Brooklyn Zoo and Aquarium, only to later get a call saying that their dog was dead. It seems that Phoebe overheated, and when Tina Del Toro got Phoebe's remains in a box, the box was warm. Del Toro wants to get the pet store closed, "This beautiful, sweet, loving dog was roasted. I won't be happy unless there's a vacant sign in this window." State Senator Carl Kruger is sponsoring legislation to make sure dog groomers are licensed and monitored by the state, which means groomers aren't licenser and monitored by the state? Hmm.

And it's not clear what exactly happened to Phoebe - the store owner says the hair dryers have timers and that the groomers don't forget, but the Post found some dryers that go up to 135 degrees and up to 30 minutes of drying.