Hirsute children on a budget can finally seek relief from unwanted hair with one hip salon's new teen program, which offers special, middle-school friendly prices on everything from upper lip waxing to the (deep?!) bikini line.

If your Sally is beginning to sprout the same forehead hair you once battled as a tween, bring her on by Uni K Wax Center, where a professionally trained aesthetician will rip it out. Have all the hormones laced into your child's babyccinos resulted in some early onset bikini line issues? No problem. An employee who answered the phone at the Murray Hill location assured us that there is no minimum age requirement for waxes. Children must, however, be under the age of 17 in order to qualify for the special, after-school-job-friendly pricing.

"Waxing with us will change your life forever," the Uni K website says. "There is an attractive freedom about removing unwanted hair that will enhance all aspects of your life, including your love life." Hear that, kids? Remember, the earlier the better. The salon has not yet developed a "price menu" for toddler waxing, but we're certain it will be very reasonable.