2006_05_knitta.jpgOoh, we knew those knitters had a wild streak. The Houston-based crew, Knitta Please, have come to NYC and bombed various parts of the city. But don't crap your pants, City Councilman Vallone - their "tags" are adorable little woolens attached to sign poles and more. PolyCotN tells the Daily News it's not really vandalism since the tags, which are remnants of lingering knitting, incomplete projects, can be easily unbuttoned. Aw, even a grandma would like that.

Here's a post we did about knitting resources, but there's a whole subculture of kniting blogs (one we like is New York Minknit) - give us some links to more in the comments! tAnd here's the MySpace page for knittaplease.

Photograph of a Knitta Please tag on a Brooklyn scooter