The countdown is on! While there are seven days till the midterm elections, you only have 36 hours left to vote for NYC’s Cutest Pet—so get to work!

Over 1,000 people have entered their wonderful pets to run in our competition. Hundreds of candidates are cats and dogs, but there are also turtles, fish, lizards, bunnies, a chicken, a horse, a chinchilla, and even an alpaca!

The NYC’s Cutest Pet competition is the purrfect way to exercise your voting reflexes. Plus, your candidate research consists of seeing adorable pets with platforms like “Unlimited access to chicken and squeaker toys for all," "Cheek to cheek cuddling," "No Parsley/No Peace," and "Nose bonks/voluminous hair." (Here's where to research human midterms candidates and issues.)

You can cast one vote today, 10/30, and another tomorrow, 10/31, until voting closes at 11:59 p.m. on 10/31. So stayed tuned for the announcement of NYC's Cutest Pet on Friday, November 2.

P.S. We have noticed some suspicious voting patterns benefiting a few of our candidates—this will be taken into account when selecting winners. Please do not commit pet election fraud!