Throughout the three previous seasons that Arrested Development was on the air, the show had its episode order downgraded regularly—most notably in the abbreviated third season, which even dedicated an episode to winking at the perilous state of the show (Episode 9, "S.O.B.'s"). But my how things have changed: in an interview with Rolling Stone, David Cross reveals that there will likely be 13 new episodes in the upcoming 4th Season, instead of the 10 that had been previously announced. And it's so sweet, it feels like we just got upgraded to "Don't Buy!"

"I think it's going to be 13 episodes, not 10," he told the magazine. "There's too much story. Some characters will have two-parters. Everybody sort of participates, sometimes in a bigger way and sometimes in a tiny little thread that goes through everybody else's stories." Cross also went into some more details about working on the new season, including this tantalizing bit about the labyrinthine plots of the new episodes:

I'm not gonna divulge anything, but I know what the stories are and what Mitch [Hurwitz] is doing, and it's so layered. It's really audacious and amazing. I think a lot of people will miss the work that is involved, the story, the Venn diagrams that are being created, the domino effect that characters have with each other in their various episodes. I know what he's doing, and this has never been done on a TV show like this. This makes Lost look like a Spaulding Grey monologue. You'll have to watch each episode more than once.

And he also said how excited he was to be back in his legendary never nude cutoffs: "Well, the cutoffs themselves are great, because that first day of shooting we were in Burbank, and it was 102 degrees. It was a treat to be in the cutoffs. It's great, and it's a little surreal."

In more Arrested Development news: Ron Howard has been tweeting pics from the set, where he says he is making his second cameo in the show ever (you can see one photo of Howard with Jason Batemen and Mitch Hurwitz above). Also new Arrested Development news: Arrested Development is really coming back!