Did anyone really know that snow was in the forecast for this morning? Our in-house weatherman Joe Schumacher did mention it in passing during his Wednesday forecast, but I must have blocked it out, so the magical urban snow globe swirling outside my window caught me totally by surprise this morning. Is that Mr. Tumnus out there under the lamp post? It all looked so damn charming until I stepped outside and nearly fell on my ass five times en route to work. Wear boots, you guys—there's only about an inch expected, but it's very slippery out there. Pretty, but treacherous.

Somewhere in there is Central Park.

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A snow alert issued by the Sanitation Department went into effect at 5 a.m., and trucks are currently salting the streets and strapping on the plows. This is all the result of an Alberta Clipper swooping down from the Island of Misfit Toys, and it's expected to let up by late morning, giving way to sunny skies and bitter cold. The high on Saturday will barely crack 20 degrees. GOTTA LOVE IT HAHAHA!

Good morning NYC !! #nycphotographer hates snow 😩 @ezequieldelarosa but I love NYC!!!

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Hello fountain, how's your mother?

jan 8, #window23 snowstorm

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|| SO. MUCH. SNOW. 😍❄️|| #barre #nyc #livinginasnowglobe #barmethod #snow #winter #highline

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Snow! #NYC

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"Human, explain this white stuff to me immediately."

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