The Queen of Disco Donna Summer lost her battle to cancer yesterday—and TMZ reports that she felt that 9/11 was involved.

Apparently, Summer was living near Ground Zero when the World Trade Center was attacked on September 11, 2001. TMZ reports, "Donna became almost paranoid about breathing the air, which was heavy with a rancid odor. In the months and years following 9/11, Donna's feelings intensified. One source tells us when he was around Donna, she would constantly spray some sort of disinfectant in the air. Deney Terrio, the host of "Dance Fever," tells us ... when he was around Donna post 9/11, she would hang silk sheets in her dressing room to prevent dust from coming in."

Another source says that Donna, "who was a fervent practicing Christian, believed 9/11 was an attack on Christianity and in some metaphysical way Christians like her were targets. She somehow felt that her illness was a byproduct of the attack." And Summer reportedly didn't believe her lung cancer was due to her cigarette smoking and second-hand smoke.

Lung cancer is the number-one cause of cancer death for men and women. It is strongly believed that the toxic air from the WTC attacks caused many cases of cancer—especially among first responders—but the government still won't give aid to cancer victims.