THE FERRYMAN is the season's most critically acclaimed play - and now it’s been nominated for 9 Tony Awards® including BEST PLAY and BEST DIRECTOR (Sam Mendes).

The New York Times calls it “an astonishing, glorious, magnificent drama that takes your breath away.” It’s “a riveting work of art,” raves The Washington Post. “This explosive, exhilarating drama is what a theater lover lives for.” The New York Stage Review calls THE FERRYMAN “the best play of the century. You emerge onto 45th Street stunned, as if you’ve been in an altogether different world.”

It's 1981 in Northern Ireland, and the Carney farmhouse is a hive of activity with preparations for the annual harvest. A day of hard work on the land and a traditional night of feasting and celebrations lie ahead. But this year they will be interrupted by a visitor.

Included on over twelve Top 10 lists this season, THE FERRYMAN is "a masterpiece" (Chicago Tribune). The Hollywood Reporter calls it “a mighty play full of magic and poetry, bursting with joy and celebration, with dance and song. It’s hilarious, shattering, alive visually, intellectually and emotionally. A crackling thriller that leaves you shocked and breathless.”

Don’t miss your chance to witness “theater as charged and expansive as life itself” (The New York Times) at THE FERRYMAN, nominated for 9 Tony Awards including BEST PLAY.

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