2006_09_arts_misshapes.jpgThe New York Times reports on The Misshapes once again (according to Gawker, the 10th time in under a year).

Love them or hate them, and we're sure you hate them, our limited first hand encounters with these three have been fairly pleasant. We've been to their party a few times over the past couple of years, despite the fact we weren't sporting asymmetrical bangs or...whatever the kids are wearing these days (we did have an Eastpak backpack on though, that may have helped).

Don Hill's on a Saturday night, however, is very much so unlike what we imagine Andy Warhol's Factory was like, ever. Yet the NYT's states:

"partly because they have an entourage, they have been compared to Andy Warhol and other figures of the 1960’s underground."

First off, people coming to your weekly party does not an entourage make. Secondly, spinning the new Killers mashup is not the same as housing The Velvet Underground. That said, this isn't the first comparison they've made, but we ask that it is the last. Warhol painted a Campbell's soup can, these three look like the Campbell's soup kids - that is the closest similarity (except...that new Jacksonnn kid does resemble Warhol a little).