Author Don DeLillo, who is not on Twitter, doesn't make a ton of public appearances. But he's got a new novel out that's been getting some solid reviews, and on Monday he'll be at 92Y for his only New York reading.

Zero K, which will be released on Tuesday, is the White Noise author's 17th novel, and focuses on cheating death through cryogenics and scientifically-induced resurrection. It's gotten some kind words from the Times—which called it "his most persuasive since his astonishing 1997 masterpiece, Underworld—and Playboy claims it's a must-read for anyone who's "ever felt like a slave to your iPhone," which is all of us, really.

DeLillo, a native New Yorker, will team up with writer Dana Spiotta for Monday's event—Spiotta will read from her new novel, Innocents and Others, and both authors will participate in an "on-stage" conversation and sign books post-show. The reading kicks off at 8 p.m. and tickets (purchase here) run $42, but if you're under 35 you can score them for only $15.