Ah, summer, when the news is sprinkled with a healthy portion of marine life sightings. This one could turn out to be the summer of dolphins! Yesterday we noted that following the sighting of 150-200 confused dolphins in Long Island Sound on Saturday, a pod of dolphins was spotted off the south end of City Island. Reportedly the group had started off as one (they were also sighted last Wednesday in Northport), and has now split in two: the City Island crew (team Bronx) and the the Long Island Sound crew (team Bayville).

Newsday reports they probably won't be going anywhere anytime soon, as Charles Bowman, president of The Riverhead Foundation, said the dolphins are hunting for herring and will likely stick around for weeks. He also noted their presence could be a good sign as it would mean the Sound is getting cleaner. We just wish it were a group of pink dolphins, or maybe some river dolphins for the Hudson.