Photo by Jennifer Parker/DNAInfo

It's not as though dolphin sightings are that uncommon in New York City, but it's still fun when one is spotted. DNAInfo is reporting on the latest dolphin sighting, which took place in the Hudson yesterday afternoon. They note it made its way from Harlem to (at least) West 14th street, where this photo was taken. The Riverhead Foundation believes, via looking at the photo, that it might be a bottlenose.

Kim Durham, of the foundation's rescue program, says, "Typically, the furthest north they go is New Jersey. A lone dolphin does kind of have us on alert." So on that note, if you spot a dolphin, please let Durham and her team know, by calling their 24-hour hotline at 631-369-9829.

A few years ago there were bottlenoses spotted around the city, which we noted at the time "means that our water could be cleaner than we thought (not to mention stocked with plenty of herring)... 'fishermen and scientists said it has been 30 or more years since they'd seen bottlenose dolphins in the Sound in the summertime, and experts agree that the marine mammals came here following food. Experts say the real test will be next year if the dolphins return. If they do, there is a chance the Sound waters are clean enough to sustain a population of the animals.'"