The L.A. Times looks at the world of Los Angeles dogwalkers, the celebrity gossip, the nutty owners, the lifestyle. One dogwalker who makes $150,000 a year with her doggie exercise is the focus, as her clientele is mostly star-driven. Annie Lever, laughs at owners who feed their dogs extravagantly and give them bottled water ("they lick their own butts") and she says her day is filled with saying stuff like, "No humping. Don't pee on your brother." Wait, to the owners or the dogs?

The article says that Lever charges $25 per dog (Gothamist guesses that is for one walk) whereas in Manhattan, it's only $15; LA dogwalkers tend to drive. But when Gothamist was looking at dogwalking rates in NY, it seems that the $15 is for a half hour. What a racket! And that's why Gothamist can't, as much as we want to, have a dog, as we are too lazy to walk any dogs of ours. But perhaps we should be looking into dogwalking as a lucrative weekend gig and get our fill of canine fun in the meantime.