2006_12_dogleash.jpgSee, not all dog fights have to do with dogs off-leash. Some dog owners on the Upper East Side are arguing about an incident where leashes were problematic. The Post reports that Alida Rubin is suing Eva Karasthasis for "ignoring her warnings and approaching her and Punim, her Shih Tzu, causing the dog to tangle her in the leash and landing her on the sidewalk on Sutton Place."

Rubin said she told Karastathis to keep her dog away from Punim, who is not canine-friendly. "My dog thinks she's number one in the neighborhood," said Rubin.

But Karastathis allegedly ignored the warnings and let her dog wander all the way out to the end of her extendable leash.

Punim went into a fit and entangled Rubin's legs in the leash, causing her to fall, according to a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court last week.

It's not like Rubin's dog was at fault at all, huh. Karasthasis's husband says there's a doorman that saw the incident and thought Rubin's dog wanted to play.

At any rate, dogs are not allowed to be further than 6 feet when on a leash - we learned that from the health code!