2005_03_dogtreats.jpgGothamist was wandering down Greenwich Street in TriBeCa when we passed pet store Dudley's Paw. After cooing over the adorable stuffed animals dogs in the window, we noticed a gumball machine filled with "Liver Biscotti Dog Treats." Gothamist was intrigued, but we chalked it up to being what happens when you've got dogs whose owners have gourmet tastes. But the Daily News thinks it's big news, talking to the creator Brad Wilkinson who said the idea grew from thinking, "All these dogs walking around New York must get pretty hungry and what are owners to do?" Gothamist thought that dog owners generally kept treats in their pockets, along with extra plastic poop bags and some Purell. But it turns out that there are 20 dispensers in the city, and there may 50 more coming soon, given the success. Each Liver Biscotti is 25 cents; Gothamist isn't sure how they taste, but we hear dogs love them. We're sure that these dog treat dispensers will soon be filled with crazy caffeine-inspired concoctions, so owners and pets alike can be juiced on the java.

And for cat owners who wish their pets could have fun with gumball machines, there are treat dispensers for cats (and dogs).

Photo from the NY Daily News