This is SO LAST YEAR. (Photo by Katie Sokoler/Gothamist)

The humans will be kicking off another Fashion Week later this week, but that doesn't mean canines can't join in on the fun. Not to be outdone by the felines, some dogs are getting together to show off the latest in dog fashion... and even your mutt can participate.

Tomorrow at 6:30 p.m., Stonehenge, Royal Animals and Petco will celebrate Fashion's Night Out with "Furry Friends on the Runway." The event will go down at the Ritz Plaza Par (235 West 48th Street), and "welcomes dogs from all over to dress-up in their favorite canine couture and participate."

At the event, Susan Traub of Royal Pooch will be showing off the latest in doggie apparel, which will be followed by a guest fashion show for pups wishing to walk the runway (the best dressed will receive $2,000 in Unleashed by Petco gift cards). RSVP here, and be sure to Photoshop and airbrush your photos before sending them this way.