Canine-owning football fans need not worry about how they'll watch their precious games out-of-the-house anymore! The Daily News reports that a doggy day care center in Greenpoint has a special package this football season, allowing owners to drop off their dogs so they can watch the games gult-free. Rob Maher, the 31-year-old co-owner of Unleash Brooklyn, told the paper, "People may want to go out to a bar, but they feel like they're neglecting [their dogs]. They're happy to drop them off with us so they can play with other dogs."

The business plan seems to be doing well, too; yesterday seven dogs were left while their humans went to watch the pigskin get tossed around. The pups even had a 92-inch projection screen to watch the game on—which seems entirely unnecessary—however, during halftime "dog trainer Denise Herman teaching the dogs to shake pompoms and fetch passes of a toy football." Aw, it's like every day is Puppy Bowl! One customer said of his dog, "When I have friends over and we're watching football, Cooper kind of gets bored with our antics. I like that he's now sharing football with his own compadres."

The service is $25 for 8 hours for Sunday, Monday night is $20, and a season pass is $400.